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The Happy Hounds Difference

Enrichment Activities

Designed to stimulate and engage our canine pals one-on-one through activities such as active walks or strolls, basic obedience, interactive play, puzzles, scent work, or for some pups, cuddles and pets are equally as beneficial.   

Simply put, enrichment is about discovering what your pup enjoys and safely engaging in those activities.

Enrichment activities are a part of Enrichment Daycare Services and are enjoyed as a planned part of each dog's day for the following boarding packages: 
                               Pampered Pup, Happy Pup, TLC and Puppy


Bedtime Tuck-Ins

There's nothing like knowing your furry friend will be cared for both during the day and at bedtime. All overnight guests get a nighttime potty break and any bedtime snacks their parents wish to bring with them. Additionally, we include nightly bedtime tuck-ins & belly rubs as a part of the following boarding packages:
                                       Top Dog, Pampered Pup, TLC, and Puppy

Gourmet Treats 

We make a variety of quality ingredient homemade treats. Frosty paws, stuffed and frozen kongs, and puzzle treats / lick-mats to help soothe and distract.
Gourmet treats are offered as a part of our Enrichment Daycare Services and as a part of the following boarding packages, so your pup gets a delicious treat at the same time each day of their stay:

                  Top Dog, Lucky Dog, Pampered Pup, Happy Pup, TLC and Puppy

Wellness Checks

Paying attention to canine health and wellness during boarding visits with us is essential to providing quality care. The day your pup comes in for boarding, we do a once-over to ensure there are no health concerns we should be aware of. We provide additional Wellness Checks throughout their stay.

                               This service is standard for all boardings.
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